Group profile

Guangdong Baoyu Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. After nearly 20 years of continuous healthy development, it has become a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group that leads the development of metal and other commodity supply chain industries, taking into account equity investment and real estate. At present, the Group has dozens of secondary companies with annual revenues exceeding 10 billion yuan.


Since its establishment, the Group has been committed to the core business of metal and other commodity supply chains, and has deepened the agency, processing, warehousing, distribution and sales of large commodities such as stainless steel, alloy raw materials.

The Group has steadily developed equity investment, focusing on strategic emerging industries such as education, new materials, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, and great health. It has grown together with outstanding teams and high-quality enterprises to promote healthy economic and social development with innovative development concepts.

The Group has expanded its real estate business in an orderly manner, and promoted the “three old transformations” and revitalized collective land, supplemented by the development of land level development, real estate secondary development and property management, and made due contributions to the implementation of the national housing system.

The development of the group has been widely recognized and praised by all walks of life. In 2013, the group was elected as the vice president unit of the Stainless Steel Branch of China Metal Materials Circulation Association. In 2016, it was elected as the president of Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association; in 2014, it was elected as the second “Guangdong Province Famous Brand” enterprise; for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017 It was rated as “large-scale backbone enterprise” by Foshan Municipal Government.


Looking forward to the future, the Group will adhere to the corporate values of “aggressiveness, responsibility, harmony and sharing” and continue to firmly implement the “One Body and Two Wings” development strategy, take advantage of the strong new winds of the new era, sail the waves, seize new opportunities, and strive to make new achievements and stride. Towards a happy tomorrow!

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