Metal sector
Foshan Baoyu Metal Group Co., Ltd. (“Baoyu Metal”) was established in 2016 and is affiliated to the first-class enterprise of Guangdong Baoyu Group Co., Ltd. (“Baoyu Group”). Currently composed of 5 second-tier enterprises of the Group, the company is located in Foshan, Guangdong, a major economic town in China. The company carries all the business of the “Baoyu Group” metal segment, including: stainless steel, alloy raw materials agency business, processing, warehousing, distribution, sales One. “Baoyu Metal” focuses on the business of the Group's metal segment business. With years of intensive cultivation in the industry, the company has always had a good reputation and a high status in the stainless steel industry, for example: with “Angang Lianzhong, Baosteel, Taigang, And a number of large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises such as Henan Jinhui, Jiangsu Delong", the business scope of the country and Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Southern Europe, Western Europe and the Americas. At present, the company optimizes its configuration, integrates various resources within the Group, relies on mature operating systems and regional advantages, adheres to the tenet of “reputation, quality and service” and strives to build a metal with “social recognition, industry leading and customer satisfaction”. Commercial aircraft carriers actively promote the orderly development of the entire metal industry.

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